Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child is sick the day of the session?

Our session fee is non refundable but you can change the date if illness or emergencies arise. There will not be an additional charge. We understand the need for flexibility when working with children.


What if my children are not in a good mood or are behaving badly the day of the session?

You can always come back for another session. There is never a charge for an additional session if things don't go as planned.


How long does a session last?

Sessions can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours or longer if needed. We also allow ample time for getting to know each other, playing, feeding, diaper changes and more.


How long before I see the images from the session and get framed photos?

You can view photographs from your session usually within two weeks. We allow four weeks for framed photographs so that everything is perfect for you. Rushes for special occasions are available but we need to know when the order is placed.


Where do your sessions take place?

We offer sessions in the comfort of our Chicago studio at 1770 West Berteau, as well as outside locations throughout the United States. Please call us for travel details.


What is the best clothing to wear for my photo session?

We suggest keeping clothing simple. Solids are best and variations of the same color work well when you have more than one person in the photo. It's best not to have bold patterns, stripes or polka dots. If you are fair skinned, white will make you look washed out. Timeless classic clothing is best. Please don't hesitate to all us if you have any questions.